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wasmer edge

Wasmer Edge (Beta) is now Generally Available

Syrus AkbaryOctober 5, 2023

browserjavascriptwasmer-jswasmer runtime

Introducing the new Wasmer JS SDK

Michael BryanDecember 13, 2023

engineeringwasmer runtimewasmerruntimeperformance

Improving WebAssembly load times with Zero-Copy deserialization

Arshia GhafooriSeptember 7, 2023


Onyx, a new programming language powered by WebAssembly

Brendan HansenNovember 30, 2023

wasmerwasmer edgerustprojectsedgeweb scraper

Build a Web Scraper in Rust and Deploy to Wasmer Edge

RudraAugust 14, 2023

runtimeengineeringwasmer 2.1

Wasmer-JS: A New Hope

Syrus AkbaryDecember 7, 2021

runtimeengineeringwasmer runtime

Wasmer 4.1

Syrus AkbaryJuly 17, 2023

runtimeengineeringwasmer runtime

Wasmer 4.0

Syrus AkbaryJune 22, 2023

runtimeengineeringwasmer runtime

Wasmer 3.2

Syrus AkbaryApril 18, 2023

runtimeengineeringwasmer runtime

Wasmer 2.3

Syrus AkbaryJune 7, 2022

runtimeengineeringwasmer runtime

Wasmer 2.2: Major Singlepass Improvements

Syrus AkbaryFebruary 28, 2022

runtimeengineeringwasmer runtime

Wasmer 2.1

Syrus AkbaryDecember 1, 2021

runtimeengineeringwasmer runtime

Wasmer 2.0, It's a big deal!

Syrus AkbaryJune 2, 2021

wasmersmart contractblockchain

Wasmer Supercharges Blockchain

Wiqar ChaudryJuly 15, 2021

javascriptWinterJSwasmer edge

How fast is WinterJS vs alternatives? Blazing-fast

Syrus AkbaryNovember 1, 2023

javascriptSpiderMonkeywasmer edge

Announcing WinterJS

Syrus AkbaryOctober 27, 2023

engineeringwasmer edgeedge computing

The Cloud is dead, long live the Cloud! Announcing Wasmer Edge

Syrus AkbaryJune 15, 2023


Wasmer Go embedding 1.0 lift-off

Syrus AkbaryFebruary 26, 2021

wapmwasmer registryengineeringregistry

WAPM: A Newly Renovated Home For WebAssembly

Syrus AkbaryMarch 2, 2022

IPFSruntimewasmer runtimecURL

Bridging the Web: A Glimpse into cURL's IPFS Integration via WebAssembly

RudraSeptember 29, 2023

dockeredgewasmer edgekubernetes

The Rise of the Monolith

Syrus AkbaryNovember 28, 2023

peoplehappinesscompany culturewasmer teamculture

The disruptive mindset of Work Happiness

TeresaDecember 15, 2021

peoplehappinesswasmer teamculturespanishpeople culture

La felicidad laboral, un modelo de pensamiento disruptivo

TeresaDecember 15, 2021

wasixhappinessculturewasmer edgeteamcompany meetup

Marrakech - a company meetup worth remembering

Syrus AkbarySeptember 23, 2023

peoplehappinessgrowthcompany culturewasmer teamcultureresilience

The gems of uncertainty: The major fear that trains us

TeresaJune 9, 2023