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Making software universally available

Wasmer was founded to solve problems we faced ourselves every day. Now, we strive to contribute to developers around the world so they can reach their full potential - and we do it with a smile :)

Our team is distributed but connected by a culture of diligence, amplified by the passion we have for our shared mission. We care and value one another.

Meet the team...

  • Syrus Akbary profile picture
    Syrus Akbary

    Before starting Wasmer in November 2018, Syrus Akbary was the CTO of He’s the creator of several popular Python open-source libraries like Graphene, Promise used in 5 of top 50 Y Combinator companies.

  • Ivan Enderlin profile picture
    Ivan Enderlin

    A versatile polyglot software engineer passionate about WebAssembly. Prior joining Wasmer he was working at Automattic and Mozilla.

  • Mark McCaskey profile picture
    Mark McCaskey

    Software engineer and language lover (Mark speaks 3 different languages!). Prior joining Wasmer he created rusty-boy, a GameBoy emulator in Rust.

  • Nick Lewycky profile picture
    Nick Lewycky

    Expert compiler engineer. Chocolatier. Ex-Google, with more than 10 year tenure on the company and LLVM core contributor.

  • Heyang Zhou profile picture
    Heyang Zhou

    Prolific WebAssembly contributor. Before working at Wasmer he created the first Linux Subsystem based on WebAssembly: Cervus.