Spend less time managing the infrastructure and more time delivering value to our users

built-in virtual file system that enables seamless server-side or browser-based deployments.

Deploy Features

High Scaling

High scaling can provide organizations with a competitive advantage, allowing them to quickly capitalize on new opportunities and meet the needs of a growing customer base.

Extremely Low Latecny

low latency is critical for applications that require real-time or near real-time performance, such as online gaming, financial trading, and virtual reality.

Zero Maintenance

A zero maintenance server is a type of server that requires minimal intervention for upkeep and repair.

Located in 40 Regions

"Located in 40 Regions" highlights a company or organization with a widespread presence, offering services or products in a large number of geographic areas.


Deployment Process

1. Register to Wasmer

Registering for something typically involves a few straightforward steps that ensure you are properly signed up and ready to participate. First, locate the registration website or physical location where you can complete the process.

1- Register to Wasmer and Join WaitList

2- Associate your token in the Wasmer CLI

3- Run

wasmer run xyz --remote

Deploy vs Alternatives


If it runs locally, it will work remotely!

Deployed with Wasmer