WebAssembly is the dominant format for executing smart contracts, and Wasmer is the preferred WebAssembly runtime for blockchain and cryptocurrency providers.


Blockchains enable simple, transparent, and secure transactions. However, the distributed nature of the blockchain creates several challenges for blockchain applications and infrastructure providers.


Ensuring that a malicious or poorly written smart contract doesn't crash or block transaction processing for all blockchain users. (JIT-bombs)


Supporting determinism for smart contracts on heterogeneous infrastructure. (different chipsets and platforms must run a given same smart contract in the same way)


Scaling the number of smart contract executions as the number of blocks in a blockchain increases.

Wasmer Benefits

No JIT-bombs

JIT-bombs slow down or block smart contract processes due to malicious or poorly written code. Wasmer's Singlepass compiler helps eliminate JIT-bombs, enabling blockchain providers with a high-quality-of-service infrastructure for their applications.

Heterogeneous Infrastructure

Wasmer's blockchain infrastructure ensures that the outcome of each smart contract execution returns the same result regardless of the underlying infrastructure. (e.g., x86_64, ARM, etc.)


The Wasmer compiler engines and runtime ensure high-performance compilation and code execution without any miscompiles.

Wasmer is an open-source runtime for executing WebAssembly on the Server.

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