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Tα΄€α΄œ Flight Simulator 1.0

A flight sim game for the WASM-4 fantasy console.

The aerodynamic model is physically-based, but the plane parameters do not correspond to any particular real-world plane.

The renderer is very CPU-intensive; you will probably want to run this game on a decent desktop PC with Firefox or Chromium.


Gamepad 2 (πŸ„΄/πŸ„³, πŸ…‚/πŸ„΅): Pitch, Roll

Gamepad 1 (β­  / β­’, β­‘ / β­£ ): Yaw, Throttle

Hold β­£ at zero throttle to extend flaps and brake.

Trigger 1 (πŸ…‡) to toggle the altimeter between ground (HGT) and sea level (ALT).

Hold Trigger 2 (πŸ…‰ or πŸ„²) to trim the controls, Trigger 1 and Trigger 2 to reset the trim.


The controls are pretty hard to master; very small movements often suffice.

For the first mission, you only need to reach the runway; after that, you will have to land gracefully.

Shake off missiles by flying very close to the ground until they crash.

Good luck, pilot.

A flight simulator on WASM-4.

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