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Today we are incredibly excited to ship a "branding-new" experience for Wasmer

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Syrus Akbary

Founder & CEO


June 6, 2023

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We have redesigned our website from the ground up and with it we are also shipping a new experience for the whole ecosystem.

As we were redesigning the website, we made an important discovery: the experience for newcomers was far from ideal and presented a range of different products that lacked a cohesive story that tied them together.

Wasmer Runtime for running WebAssembly modules, WAPM for hosting the files, and then the language integrations and so on鈥

So we decided to improve it by unifying all the products into the same umbrella to serve a cohesive and easier-to understand story.

Unifying Wasmer and WAPM

WAPM packages are now integrated into Wasmer, WAPM users are now Wasmer users and the wapm CLI commands are now full integrated into the wasmer CLI.


While the objective of WAPM was (and still is) to serve as the official package manager for WebAssembly modules, we realized that no other runtime (other than Wasmer) had adopted WAPM.

Having a separate project added significant overhead to develop new features and overall the developer experience was not ideal.

So, in lieu of improving the ergonomics for the developer, we have been working relentlessly on integrating both WAPM and Wasmer into the same umbrella.

What does this mean for you?

  • All WAPM packages are now also served from now.
  • You will not need a separate package manager CLI for publishing your packages, as wasmer cli now ships (as of 4.0.0-beta.1) a publish command
  • wapm.toml is now wasmer.toml (although old projects using wapm.toml will still work)

Note: the wapm-cli and website will continue to work as normal, so no further action is required for you!

We hope that this unification make things easier for you as a Wasmer user, and we hope the new design that we are rolling out gradually will be of your taste! (please let us know if there are more things that you will like to see improved!)

About the Author

Syrus Akbary is an enterpreneur and programmer. Specifically known for his contributions to the field of WebAssembly. He is the Founder and CEO of Wasmer, an innovative company that focuses on creating developer tools and infrastructure for running Wasm

Syrus Akbary avatar
Syrus Akbary
Syrus Akbary

Founder & CEO

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