wasmer run maxcurzi/disk-0-MADNESS

disk-0 MADNESS

A game written in Rust for the WASM-4 fantasy console, published on

Pronounce it how you want: "Disco madness" / "Disk O' madness" / "Disk-Zero madness".

How to play

You are a lone space-disk in an unfriendly territory, survive for as long as you can!

  1. Absorb enemies of your color to gain points
  2. Avoid enemies of opposite colors (they will hurt you!)
  3. Switch your color strategically
  4. Use bombs to turn surrounding enemies into absorbable ones!

Controls [Keyboard]:

  • Move with directional arrows ⬅⬇⬆➡
  • Press X to change your disk's color in game
  • Press Z anytime to change the game's palette.

Controls [Mouse]:

  • Hold the left mouse button and the player's disk will follow the pointer.
  • Right click to change your disks's color in game
  • Middle click anytime to change the game's palette

Multiplayer instructions

Local Multiplayer

Local multiplayer is where everyone is playing on the same computer. To play local multiplayer, you can connect multiple physical USB controllers. Xbox or PlayStation controllers are known to work best.

If all you have is a keyboard, up to 3 players can be controlled from one keyboard using these keys:

Player #DirectionsX buttonZ button
1Arrows. (period), (comma)
2ESDFA or QTab or LShift
3Numpad 8456Numpad * or .Numpad - or Enter

This key layout is designed to fit many hands on one keyboard somewhat comfortably.


Hosting a netplay game is as easy as copy and pasting a link.

While playing any cart, press Enter to open the WASM-4 menu. Select "Copy Netplay URL". An invite link (like will be copied to your clipboard for you to send to a friend. When your friend clicks your link, they'll instantly join your game.

Some caveats: Mouse input is disabled during netplay. State saving/loading and cart reset is currently disabled during netplay. Netplay is new and there may be bugs, please report issues.

Building the game

Build the cart by running:

cargo build --release

Then run it with:

w4 run target/wasm32-unknown-unknown/release/cart.wasm



For more info about setting up WASM-4, see the quickstart guide.

Links (WASM4 fantasy console)

  • Documentation: Learn more about WASM-4.
  • Snake Tutorial: Learn how to build a complete game with a step-by-step tutorial.
  • GitHub: Submit an issue or PR. Contributions are welcome!

A bullet hell where you absorb bullets to score. Now with multiplayer co-op!