wasmer run ibillingsley/one-slime-army

One Slime Army

An arcade endless wave survival game for the WASM-4 fantasy console, Game Jam #2, written in Zig version 0.9.1

Battle hordes of enemies as a humble slime equipped with his trusty sword and shield.

Arrow keysMove
Z (hold)Block, Lock direction
Z (release)Attack


Build the cart by running:

zig build -Drelease-small=true

Then run it with:

w4 run zig-out/lib/cart.wasm

For more info about setting up WASM-4, see the quickstart guide.


  • Documentation: Learn more about WASM-4.
  • Snake Tutorial: Learn how to build a complete game with a step-by-step tutorial.
  • GitHub: Submit an issue or PR. Contributions are welcome!

One Slime Army is an arcade endless wave survival game for the WASM-4 fantasy console

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