wasmer run hitchh1k3r/asteroids-3000

A game made for WASM-4 Jam #2

The year is 20X7. Galactic explorers have recently discovered an exotic material that can be easily converted into any form of energy or matter. They have named it "Physic," and an ongoing war over control of the asteroid belt where it is located rages. You are an ace pilot trying to collect as much physic as possible, good luck!

The game draws inspiration mainly from Asteroids (1979) and Bitfighter, though many features that would have made it more bitfighter-like were cut due to time.


  • Flight:
    • Pitch / Yaw - Arrows
    • Speed / Roll - X + Arrows
  • Weapons:
    • Laser - Z
    • Mine - X + Z (costs 100 physic)
  • WASM-4 Menu - Enter

How To Play

  • To win you must collect more " physic" than the opposing team. When an asteroid is damaged (shot with laser , or crashed into by a ship or another asteroid) it will leave a short lived** cloud behind. Moving near it will store it in your ship . When you are carrying "physic" and get near your team's space station , it will transfer and count towards your score**.
  • You can practice the game by starting it single player , but to really play the game you will need a friend or three to join you over WASM-4's NETPLAY. Press " Enter" then select " COPY NETPLAY URL" and send your friend(s) the link.
  • The world loops like in the original asteroids. You may see your own ships trail in front of you. Try not to chase your own tail when hunting other ships ^_^.
  • The game can be played on lower power devices if the starting asteroid count is set low enough , if the game is lagging try turning down "Num Asteroids."
  • If your ship has at least 100 physic (not your base, there is an indicator) you can place a mine behind your ship (good for if you are being pursued). The mine will activate once there are no ships in its damage radius. If anyone gets too close it will explode everything near it.
  • Your ship can only move as fast as it has health , it will always slowly heal , and heal faster when near your team's space station.


Known Bugs

  • Every game ends in a "Draw" regardless of which team wins
  • Y-Inversion option cut for time (sorry)
  • Music is too fast when the game first starts ( it will calm down once the game starts proper)
  • The story screens and tutorial were cut for time
  • Respawn timer is broken so you can respawn instantly for free (was supposed to be 30 seconds, or 60 team physic per second left)
  • Laser shots do not travel far enough
  • No player individual music mute options (it's everyone or no one)
  • Some gameplay settings have their minimum and maximum values messed up
  • " Physic To Win" and " Time Limit" are missing their " Unlimited" options (though Time Limit when moving left is messed up, and if you set it to a negative value it will be effectively unlimited time)
  • Most of the sound effects are not implemented , most notably mine sound effects (place, activate, explode)
  • After game over, starting a new game will not reset the player ships

A NETPLAY space flight battle arena.