Wasmer Open Source Program

Run any code on any client with WebAssembly and Wasmer.

Wasmer is an open-source runtime for executing WebAssembly on the Server.

Program Objectives

Wasmer's goal is to create an open and transparent collaboration between our professional, dedicated staff members and our community. All proceeds will help fund the following:

  • Dedicated professional staff for ongoing open-source development
  • Open-source tools like the Wasmer Runtime, language bindings (APIs), and compilers
  • Feature enhancements and performance improvements
  • Continuous vulnerability testing, disclosure, and remediation
  • Community support, growth, and education (e.g., documentation, blogs, videos)

Sponsorship Tiers

Platinum- Ideal for enterprises that require immediate prioritization of mission-critical Open Source features for the Wasmer WebAssembly Runtime.Gold- Ideal for enterprises and companies that rely on WebAssembly, Wasmer, and other Open Source toolchains as a part of their products and services.Silver- Ideal for startups that use WebAssembly as a part of their product stack and believe in supporting Wasmer in building and maintaining an Open Source ecosystem and infrastructure tools.Bronze- Ideal for developers and WebAssembly enthusiasts building apps and libraries with Wasmer.

Sponsorship Benefits

Prioritized feature requests, bug fixes, and code contributions   
Joint open source roadmap planning  
Beta access to features 
Dedicated Slack Channel
Logo plus link on the Wasmer Sponsors webpage
Wasmer swag

Use of Funds

Wasmer aims to provide a higher quality of service through our open-source sponsorship model with resource pooling.

Funding Allocations

  • 70% of sponsorship resources are dedicated to core development
  • 20% of resources are allocated to security and vulnerability testing and remediation
  • 10% of resources are used for community development and education.

Engineering and support resources - Wasmer will hire professional engineering resources to build, maintain, and support new and existing open-source products.

Note: Wasmer provides access to dedicated resources to ensure timely prioritization and implementation of mission-critical features for our Platinum Sponsors.


How does my organization or I become a sponsor?

Wasmer accepts sponsorships through Open Collective. Use the following link to determine what sponsorship tier works best for you.


Do sponsors get an SLA for support?

Wasmer's open-source program provides two types of support SLAs.

  • Platinum sponsors work directly with dedicated resources to prioritize features and gain alignment on implementation timelines.
  • Platinum, Gold, and Silver tier sponsors use a dedicated Slack channel for support between 9:00 AM and 9:00 PM EDT/EST. Resources will respond within 4-hours of the initial support request.
  • Bronze sponsors can join the Wasmer community channel for support, and Wasmer resources will respond as soon as possible.

Are there any guarantees regarding prioritizing feature requests and bug fixes?

All new development and bug remediation are open-source and available to the community. However, platinum sponsors may prioritize specific bug fixes or new features and utilize resources allocated to their sponsorship to expedite implementation. In general, all feature requests and bug fixes are tracked using GitHub milestones. Prioritization for new features and bug fixes take place in public on GitHub and through joint planning sessions. Joint planning sessions are open for platinum and gold sponsors.

What is the number of employees allocated to each tier?

In general, Wasmer employees dedicated to open-source development are pooled together to support all sponsors across all tiers. However, platinum-level sponsors can allocate developer resources to work on items they prioritized commensurate with their level of funding and proportionate to their share of developer resources.

What does beta access mean in the context of open-source?

Advance access to features comes in the following forms:

  • Access and input to design documents for new features or when we refactor code
  • Performance profiling tools that we will create for sponsors
  • A testing playground and hosted access to new features that would prove cumbersome for customers to deploy and manage on their own (e.g., hosted environments for future release testing to ensure a smooth production change control process)

Note: In some instances, tools we create for our sponsors may be more beneficial to our sponsors' customers.

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