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Python HTTP Server

Simple Python HTTP Server running in Wasmer Edge
Simple Python HTTP Server running in Wasmer Edge
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This is a simple Python HTTP server.


Modify the logic of your simple Python HTTP server in the src/ file.

You can run the server with Python with:

$ python src/

Or you can also use wasmer run to run it locally (check out the Wasmer install guide):

$ wasmer run . --net --env PORT=8080

[!TIP] You can also run wasmer run wasmer-examples/python-wasmer-starter --net --env PORT=8080to run the remote package

Open http://localhost:8080 with your browser to see the Python application response.

Deploy on Wasmer Edge

The easiest way to deploy your Python app is to use the Wasmer Edge.

Live example:

Run this commmand to deploy to Wasmer Edge:

wasmer deploy

[!NOTE] You will need to change the namespace in wasmer.toml to your own namespace and app name in app.yaml to your own app name.

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