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CDN Starter

Serve the assets using Wasmer Edge as your CDN
Serve the assets using Wasmer Edge as your CDN
Use cases

A CDN starter template using Static Web Server.

You can follow the full tutorial from here


All the static files will be served from the public folder, and the static webserver will be configured using the config.toml file.

You can run the CDN template easily using Wasmer (check out the install guide):

wasmer run wasmer-examples/cdn-wasmer-starter --net

[!TIP] You can also run wasmer run . --net in the root of this repo, after running npm run build

Open http://localhost:8080 with your browser to see the CDN.

Deploy on Wasmer Edge

The easiest way to serve your public assets is to use the Wasmer Edge as your CDN.

Live example:

Run this commmand to deploy to Wasmer Edge:

wasmer deploy

[!NOTE] You will need to change the namespace in wasmer.toml to your own namespace and app name in app.yaml to your own app name.