Hello, welcome to Wasmer! Below, is an in-progress reference for the wasmer CLI tool.

CLI Commands

wasmer login - Logs the user in to the registry.

wasmer logout - Logs the user out of the registry, resetting the token.

wasmer whoami - Shows the current user logged in.

wasmer config set <key> <value> - Sets a config key with the given value.

Note: when setting the registry.url, the registry.token will reset automatically.

wasmer config get <key> - Gets the config key contents.

wasmer search <query> - Search for packages related to the query.

wasmer install [package] - Installs missing dependencies and the latest version of the package, optionally, specified. Install globally with the -g flag.

wasmer run - Executes a package command with the run cli command. The command will be run with the wasmer runtime.

wasmer completions <shell> - Generate a shell completion script for wasmer for the specified shell.

wasmer init - Interactively initialize a new wasmer project by generating a wasmer.toml in the current directory. Pass the '-y' flag to run it non-interactively.

wasmer add - Add a dependency to the manifest without installing it. You may leave out the version, user/package-name, or specify a precise version to install, user/package-name@0.0.1.

wasmer remove - Remove a dependency from the manifest without uninstalling it. For example, wasmer remove user/package-name.

wasmer list - Prints all commands and modules for a package in the current directory.

wasmer uninstall - The opposite of wasmer install. Uninstall globally with the -g flag.

wasmer bin - Print the .bin directory path for the local package. Get the global path with -g flag.


The manifest is optional for using the wasmer CLI tool; it manages package dependencies, metadata, and commands.

However, a manifest is required to publish to the wasmer registry.

The manifest contains 4 sections:


Valid keys are:










During the alpha, telemetry (specifically error logging to Sentry) is enabled by default. We send and record information such as IP address, operating system name and version, and the error/panic message. To disable it, run wasmer config set telemetry.enabled false or compile from source (the telemetry feature is disabled in the build by default).